Friday, April 5, 2013

Hello folks, I'm back with a several new pictures ;)
it's kinda modern vintage, the title is.. maybe about "Natural Beauty"
sooo check it out and enjoy!

maybe or sometimes it's hard to accept yourself, but remember.
Nobody is perfect.

Don't ever play hide and seek
 it means that if you've a problem, just face it don't hide it.

Natural Beauty it's come from yourself.

when you feel down, just solace yourself with your hobby.

Then.. suddenly..


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hello people, late to post again!!
I just want to upload my old picture.
I took these picture last year.

i love the sky, it's really great day to take a picture

H&M dress :)

mess picture.

sorry if a bit mess, hope you guys enjoy it ;)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hello people!! just got boredom on friday, so i just take some picture :p
hope you guys enjoy it ;)

my new stuff, finally I found that mask! :D

Prom night? :p

looks fat and got serious face. lol

I'm a photogenic. :D

totally boredom in that day -____-

still remember that quotes? hihi

idk, i love this pict.
one of my friend told me that this picture looks mysterious. :p

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy new year 2013 people!!
time goes so fast, how's your day? it's good right? :)
this is my several new pictures ,sorry late to post it.
the title is 'Ballerina'. ;) hihi

check it out!
i just take all of these picture by myself, use timer & tripod ;)

chapter one: Be a graceful girl. :)
people will love it, if you guys have a good behavior.

chapter two: learn from your past..

your life story just like a music.

                                   'Hard working', it means you always do something good and don't be lazy.
                                   'Serious & Focus', means you must serious and focus for your goals.
                                   'Honest', if you always be honest, people will believe you.
                                   'Strong', it means you ready to face the world.

another picture. 

the end :D

the last one, this is my new sketch! <3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello folks, I'm arnelia. :)
and this is my first post, i named my blog 'Rose in a Teabag', it because i addicted with tea, such as English breakfast tea, Earl Grey and Darjeeling tea. ;)

my old pict, when i still have my long hair. 
now i just cut my hair, because it's a bit boring with long hair. but if you guys have a longhair.
i suggestion do not ever cut your hair, thought you will regret jsut like me. Lol
but still, i love my new haircut,
looks fresh on me. :)

this is my new haircut! what do you guys think? ;) already a bit a long.
"you should show your face, don't ever close your face.
you know? that you guys are beautifull! so be confidence! - arnelia

this when i help my sister, to take a picture for her versity 
i love the platform viewer, just like in a oversea. haha :D 

platform again with my favorite teddy bear :p, another good day ;)
bright sunshine = good picutre. 

my messy hairdo :p
just for fun with my long hair.

"you don't have a wings to fly, but you can reach your goals."- arnelia

I'm a photogenic, so don't be surprised if my face always different. :p
just proud to be yourself. ;)

"SMILE" that's a key for all beautiful girls. :)
so keep that smile even though the reality is bad than your dreams.

this is my hobby,  and that's my new sketch on process
and chillin @Dunkin' Donuts and drink a cup of Earl grey tea. 
such a great night.

this photo from my instagram; @arneliiaa  ;)

2011 christmas holiday in Bali @Bedugul, just take a picture.

foggy day in that time. such a great place you know. ;)

These are my several sketches, use imagination.
Don't ever wasted your imagination, just make it become reality..